Malpas Bowling League





Malpas Seniors Bowling League

Roy Edwards
John & Anne Mitchell
01948 667378
Cliff Hopley
Chris Nevitt


Week Beginning Sep 2nd 9 results from 11 Wed Matches


For 2015 we shall have 33 teams from 19 Clubs.
There are 3 Divisions that play on a Wednesday afternoon.


Important Dates:

Thu Sep 10th 1:30pm Final of the Jim  & Ivy. Garden Village A V Malpas Sports at Farndon.
Wed Sep 23rd 10:45am Dick Allen(Mens) and Anne Guinney(Ladies) Competition at Malpas Farmers.
Wed Sep 30th 11:00am Finals day at Malpas Farmers.


Latest information:

Fri Aug 28th Winner of the Cliff & Mary Competition is Chester Road A with Gate Hangs High A as runners up.
Winner of the Jeff Carter Competition is Gate Hangs High B with Bunbury B as runners up.