Malpas Bowling League





Malpas Seniors Bowling League

Roy Edwards
John & Anne Mitchell
01948 667378
Cliff Hopley
Chris Nevitt



For 2015 we shall have 33 teams from 19 Clubs.
There are 3 Divisions that play on a Wednesday afternoon.


Important Dates:

Wed Mar 2nd 2:00pm AGM and Committee meeting. Please note this replaces the original AGM scheduled for Jan 13th due to unforeseen circumstances


Latest information:

Sat Jan 23rd It is with great sadness we announce the death of Frank Carr of Bruera who passed away on Sunday  17th January. Funeral is on Monday 8th February at 3.20pm at Chester crematorium, and then at Chester football club. Our condolences to his family.

Wed Sep 30th
2015 Season Winners
 WinnerRunner UpDoublesRunner Up
Division 1 Cunliffe Arms A Chester Rd A Chester Rd A Gate Hangs High A
Division 2 Garden Village A Malpas Sports Garden Village A Malpas Sports
Division 3 Gate Hangs High B District Gate Hangs High B Bunbury B
Colin Paxton Geoff Nevitt
Ann Owen
Graham Chidlow
Dorothy Evans
Dick Allen Ted Faulkner Dave Edwards    
Anne Guinney Ann Owen Lynda butler