Malpas Bowling League





Malpas Seniors Bowling League

Roy Edwards
John & Anne Mitchell
01948 667378
Cliff Hopley
Chris Nevitt



For 2014 we have 31 teams from 19 Clubs.
There are 3 Divisions that play on a Wednesday afternoon.


Important Dates:

Mon Jan 12th 2015 2:00pm AGM at Malpas Farmers Club.


Latest information:

Fri Nov 21st The website has been down for the last 4 days due to a problem with the server. Hopefully everthing should be working again now.
Wed Oct 1st
Final Positions for 2014
  Winners Runners Up
Division 1 Cunliffe Arms A Malpas B.C A
Division 2 Farndon B Wrenbury A
Division 3 Garden Village Tattenhall A
Cup Competitions for 2014
  Winner Runner Up
Cliff & Mary Chester Road A Malpas B.C A
Jim & Mary Farndon B Cunliffe Arms B
Jeff Carter Garden Village Tattenhall A
Dick Allen Geoff Nevitt (Farndon) Ess Jones (Malpas B.C)
Ann Guinney Olive Pass (Wrenbury) Ann Owen(Malpas Farmers)
Colin Paxton John Mitchell (Chester Road) & Glyn Evans (Hanmer) Randle Smith (Hargrave) & Chris Nevitt (Farndon)